Festival Imminent!

Published by Giles Goddard on Wed, 29 May 2019 10:46
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I have been reading the Waterloo Festival Magazine. A series of interviews with performers and the people behind the events at this year's Festival. The Magazine has made me look forward to the Festival even more. 

For instance, Almuth Tebbenhoff is the Curator of Coming Good: Come Hell or High Water which will fill the churchyard with sculptures. She says

'Some of the artists are bringing a lifetime of experience to these works, so I would like people to really connect with the pieces. I see it as an Easter Egg hunt for wonderful nuggets of human experience.'  

and, when asked about art in churches, she says

'I think this is a fantastic development, so long as churches do not become galleries. When you enter a church, it is for a bit of soul time, and if art is present it can be a nourishing element. But art in churches shouldn’t become a commercial thing. The art should exist as a kind of votive offering to whatever deity or non-eity you are in communication with.'  

I love the idea of the churchyard being full of votive offerings.

Saimma Dyer is part of Rumi's Circle: Divine RemembranceShe tells us: 

'Sufism sits at the inclusive, open-hearted end of the spectrum of Islam. I see it as the mystical heart of Islam. It’s about developing a personal relationship with God, and connecting to our essential self.

At Rumi’s Circle we sit at the progressive end of Sufism. We don’t have segregation at our events and we are very open.  And with Sufism, you don’t have to be Muslim to appreciate the universal message of love and peace. All sorts of people come to our events, just as Rumi himself had plenty of Jewish and Christian followers.' 

I hope these extracts give you a taste of what's to come. 

Another exciting development is our strengthening link with Morley College-  especially with Morley Radio, their new radio station. We are planning a series of Festival podcasts, going in depth into the stories behind the programme... more news on these to follow. 

Book for all the Festival events at https://www.waterloofestival.com/  

See you there I hope! 



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