After the Apology - what next?

Published by Giles Goddard on Sat, 1 Feb 2020 10:01
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I'm part of the Living in Love and Faith initiative in the C of E. It's a process started by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, to try to help the church listen and speak better about identity, relationships and marriage. It's a long and complex process, and we are hoping to publish some resources and a book in the summer. 

I was as dismayed as many others about the Statement which the House of Bishops released last week, and I was grateful to the Archbishops and the House for their apology for its publication. 

Here is the blog I have written for Via Media about the whole saga. I still have hope that we can do better as the Church of England. On this first day after Brexit it feels even more important that we try to live as a community of hope and welcome. 

Here at St John's we are completely committed to trying to live out a 'radical, new, Christian inclusion.' We don't know quite what that will look like but we're doing our best. Come and see! 

Giles Goddard 


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