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Prayer list 22nd March

Prayer list 22nd March
Published by Giles Goddard on Wed, 18 Mar 2020 07:43

St John's has a list of places and people we pray for which runs over a three month cycle. We pray these prayers at 8.30 every morning in St John's. 

The prayer intentions for the week commencing Sunday 22nd March are:

PRAYERS FOR THIS WEEK The Arts & Tourism Arts venues: Southbank Centre, Old Vic, Young Vic, National Theatre, National Film Theatre, Imax Cinema, local art galleries, 1901 Club, Waterloo East Theatre, and other arts venues in the area.

Electoral Roll Members: Robert Ssentongo-Mukasa; Ida Serunjogi; Tricia Shannon; Shanon Shah; Joao, David & Beatrix Simoes- Brown (& Magda); Jane Stroud; Robert Smeath; Nicola Smedley

Charity of the Month: The Bishop’s Lent Appeal 

The Church of England's Daily Prayer resource page is here: you can download Morning Prayer and there is an App too... 



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