Some Good News!

Published on Fri, 15 May 2020 09:40
Vicar's Blog

Dear all 

We end the week with some good news. We have recently submitted several applications for funding for ReIGNITE  - the church renovation project (normal life has continued as much as possible). 

This week we heard that AllChurches Trust have agreed a grant of £25k, the Swires Family Trust a grant of £30k, the Robes Project a grant of £5k towards the showers, and the Church of England's Conservation dept a grant of £1k towards the cost of restoring the Feibusch painting above the altar. Total, £61k towards the renovation project!  Congratulations and thank you to everyone who has contributed to making this happen. 

We still have a big shortfall. And the COVID-19 situation has made some of the funding about which we were very hopeful much less certain. As a result, we are reviewing both the timescale and the scope of the works and will let you know very soon what we think the next steps might be. But in the meantime thanks be to God and to everyone for this good news! 

Here's a very practical thing you can do to help us all. 

I'd like to ask your help in promoting both the Waterloo Festival and the new St John's Waterloo newsletter. I hope you agree that both these initiatives demonstrate that St John's is very much "here for you" for everyone, even in these difficult times. The Festival and newsletter show us to be actively engaged with our communities, inclusive and responsive to different views and different needs. As our congregation you are important ambassadors for St John's and I hope you feel enthusiastic about helping us spread the word.

      If you want to read a summary of what the Festival is all about, here's the press release and please do all sign up for the new newsletter. (We've now renamed my thought pieces Vicar's Blog and you'll still get those if you're subscribed. And to avoid confusion, Column Inches can now found under the Parish Magazine tab on the homepage.)   

Please would you consider encouraging your friends, neighbours and families to visit the website, sign up for the newsletter and follow us on social media?  

There are various ways you could do this:


1. You could add this line to your emails    Please visit the  Waterloo Festival and sign up for the St John's Waterloo newsletter

2. If you use social media, please make a point of following St John's Waterloo and the Waterloo Festival accounts and liking and sharing as much as possible. 

Twitter @waterloofestiv
Facebook @thewaterloofestival
Instagram @waterloofestiv


3. You can also simply talk about us next time you're having a zoom catch-up!

I do think the Festival is something we can all be proud of, so it would be really helpful if you could spread the word. 

With many thanks, and I hope to see you (virtually) on Sunday if not before. 


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