"Here for you; Here with you; Here for our church"

"Here for you; Here with you; Here for our church"
Published on Thu, 4 Jun 2020 11:59
Vicar's Blog


It's been lovely to have lots of you joining us for services via Zoom.  If you've been able to be at the 10:30 services, you'll know that the clergy can now go back into church for them.  It is wonderful to see all of your faces on the screen but looking out at the sea of empty chairs is very sad indeed.

There are many ways already that we, as a community at St John's, are striving to be "here for you" - and during lockdown, in various ways, we have all been here for each other, through prayer, distanced companionship and other types of support; and I know that will continue.  

You'll know that this has been a difficult time, for individuals, for families and for whole communities.  It has also been a hard time for our church and so, inspired by Borussia Monchengladbach (a German football team) we have an idea that will help us to be "here with you" and "here for our church".

You'll see in the photo at the top of this post there are lots of pictures of people's faces.  These are the faces of fans of Monchengladbach.  Although the Bundesliga (top division of German football) has restarted, matches are being played behind closed doors so, for a donation (which is going to local charities), fans are having their pictures put in the stands at their team's ground.

We thought this was a great idea and would like to replicate it at St John's, with the donations supporting the church to be "here for you" and being "here for our church".  We're asking for a minimum donation of £20, which you can make here.  Then, you just need to send your photo to me lisa@stjohnswaterloo.org.  We'll print the photos off and put them on chairs at church so that we are "here with each other", "here with you".

And, as if having a photo of yourself on a chair at church wasn't exciting enough, Column Inches has moved online.  You can find this month's edition here.  Enjoy!

With all good wishes and prayers


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