Quizzing Today! & protests this weekend...

Quizzing Today! & protests this weekend...
Published on Wed, 24 Jun 2020 14:55
Vicar's Blog

Dear all

Today's the day for your brains to be crunched into gear and your fingers on the buttons... the first St John's Waterloo virtual online zoom QUIZ starts at 6.30. The Link Is Here.  See you later I hope. 

Also a reminder that there is a Black Lives Matter event on Saturday 27th June at 9 a.m. at the Herne Hill Gate of Brockwell Park. Anglican churches in Lambeth will be gathering. I'll be there, and you would be very welcome. Please bring placards or banners.

On Sunday 5th July the NHS is 72 years old. The organisation KeepOurNHS Public has organised an online rally at 3.30pm. You're welcome to join. For further details click here

The picnic in the churchyard was such a success last Sunday that we are going to repeat it this Sunday after church. Do come and join us in the churchyard, from 12.30 onwards. 

I am sorry to report that on Sunday night there was some vandalism to the front of the church, as you'll see from the photo above. Bricks were thrown damaging lights  and the notice board under the portico. This appears to be a completely random act by a single perpetrator who was caught on CCTV and whom the police may already have apprehended. We shall see to repairs as soon as possible, aided by our insurers, Ecclesiastical. We are praying for the perpetrator/s and all involved. 

Tackling the Digital Divide: Lambeth Citizens are appealing for any laptops or tablets you may have which you no longer need, to be repurposed and  used by a young person in the borough. If any of you have an electronic device which needs a good home, please contact Claudia Lopez at St Gabriel's College. All devices will be data wiped. 

Finally, you will have heard that churches are allowed to reopen for public worship with effect from 4th July. Good news. The service this Sunday 28th June will be on Zoom as usual. 

We are putting arrangements in place to reduce the risk of cross infection, and completing a risk assessment. We are also awaiting instructions from on high about what we can do - no singing!  - and how we can hold worship, and as soon as that's clarified we will let you know the arrangements for Sundays from 5th July. We are planning to keep going on Zoom and also in real life but aren't sure quite how that will work yet. 

In the meantime, thank you to all the volunteers who have helped keep the church open for the past few weeks. From Wednesday 1st July the building will be open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m - all are welcome. 

Wally's very moving and challenging sermon from Sunday can be read by clicking the link below or viewed here

See you at the Quiz!

With my prayers, as ever,


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