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Community and congregations

Community and congregations
Published on Thu, 2 Jul 2020 12:14
Vicar's Blog

You might remember that near the beginning of lockdown, the Vicar mowed the churchyard grass - the building was closed and 'Stay home - protect the NHS - save lives' was the message we were all given so Giles was the only possible mower!

More recently, as we've begun emerging from lockdown, our churchyard team - Viv and the volunteers - have been returning and Giles has been relieved of his grass-mowing duties.  We've also been able to open the church for private prayer and for the streaming of services - although only the clergy have been permitted to be present for those.  This Sunday, July 5th, will be the last Sunday with only the clergy in the building.  From July 12th, we will have a congregation in the building too.

There will, of course, be some changes to our worship and to the layout of the church to ensure - as far as we can - that we are safe.  We will also be continuing to stream the services on Zoom; we know that not everyone can be present in the building with us.  We'll let you know more about the changes to worship next week.

The after-service picnic (from around 12:30 on Sundays) will continue so please do bring a rug and a picnic to the churchyard (unfortunately, bring and share is still not possible so please do only cater for your own household).

We are, of course, looking forward to being able to gather in the building again but Giles and I have been reflecting today on the way that our community has been sustained and strengthened during the past months and on the ways that Zoom has facilitated that.  Our church, our community, is more than the building so if Zoom is still the right way for you to participate, do continue doing that.

We very much look forward to seeing you, on Zoom, in church, in the churchyard... soon!

Take care!


2 July 2020

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