Going up the mountain...

Going up the mountain...
Published on Thu, 6 Aug 2020 14:37
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Today is the Feast of the Transfiguration of Jesus.  The narrative begins with a journey.  Jesus took Peter, John and James with him up a mountain to pray.

There, Jesus was transfigured - "his face changed and his clothes became dazzling white." (Luke 9:29).  Later, we are told, "from the cloud came a voice that said, 'This is my Son; my Chosen; listen to him!'"  (Luke 9:35).

By joining Jesus in going up the mountain, the disciples found that what happened on that journey was far more than they expected.  They did not know what they were about to witness, what it was that would be revealed to them.

I think that there are journeys that turn out to be far more than we would expect.  They can be transformative, changing the way that we see ourselves and others.  They can also (even if not quite as dramatically as the voice from a cloud!) reveal something of who we are and who God is.

This month's Column Inches is all about journeys - Paul and Nicola Smedley and Andy Humphreys (and some others, who don't seem to have put their name to their articles!) have written about their own journeys.  I think it's fair to say that the Column Inches editing team have also been on a journey - though theirs didn't involve leaving their homes!  For them, it's been a journey of discovery and very rapid learning as they have taken Column Inches online!  Please do read it; it really is excellent!


6 August 2020

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