Help wanted!

Help wanted!
Published on Thu, 20 Aug 2020 14:56
Vicar's Blog

Dear all

I'm grateful to Eleanor Bentall for the photos she's been taking during lockdown such as the one above. It's good to have her record of our life over the past few months. 

I'm writing to ask for your help, as things return to something not really like normal. It's very good to be worshipping in church again, as well as virtually. Lindy and Terry are currently working out the rota for Readers and Intercessors for September and October - the people who read or lead the prayers on Sundays at the 10.30 service. We have written to everyone who already does this, but if you would like to join that rota, could you fill in the Doodle poll with your availability here?  By 26th August, please. New people on the rota are very welcome. 

We would also value offers of help stewarding during the service, and gatekeeping for those who are online. Could you let me know if you can help with this too? 

We also have three subcommittees of the Church Council - Finance & Major Fundraising, Events & Hospitality and Column Inches. I hope that their roles  are self-explanatory. We are recruiting new members for all three subcommittees for the next twelve months. The workload shouldn't be huge and the work of the committees is, I promise, both interesting and important. If you'd like to be part of our life in this way, could you let me know? Thanks! 

Finally in this quite administrative email, I'm writing to remind you that the next Rule of Life evening will be this coming Monday, 24th August, at 6pm. The subject will beFellowship, Sharing and Staying With and it will be led by Terry and Ester. You're very welcome to join, whether you are keeping a Rule of Life or not. It will be on Zoom:the link is here

And absolutely finally, please continue to hold St John's in your prayers, alongside all the other people and things for which you are praying. I know that prayer makes a difference and am glad of all your help, support and advice, both practically and spiritually.

I hope to see you on Sunday, if not before,

With love


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