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Our Vision and Values


About us:

The Church of England parish of St John with St Andrew, Waterloo is in an exciting, changing part of London that also contains communities which have been here since the church was built in 1824.  The people of St John’s reflect that diversity, and are united in a desire to understand the implications of Christianity for the 21st century.  Some of us have deep knowledge of the Bible and Christian tradition, others are very new to it.

We are trying to work out what it means to be a church in a world with so many conflicting priorities.  We come from across the spectrum of economic power, sexuality, ethnicity and gender, and the challenges this brings are far outweighed by the opportunities for friendship we discover.

We work hard to bring about a more just, fairer society.  We are very involved in environmental questions, in supporting the arts through our resident organisations and in our own life and work, and supporting those who are poor or homeless through the Robes project, Waterloo Foodbank and charitable links across the world.

We have strong links with the Ugandan congregation Okusinza, Mu Luganda, which has been meeting at St John’s for 20 years.  We work in partnership with The Bridge at Waterloo. Through  their  three  pillars  of  community,  arts,  and  heritage,  we  seek  to  unlock  the  potential  of  the  people  of  Waterloo  and  London. We also host hundreds of organisations and events each year, and try to ensure that everything that happens here is in accordance with our vision, our mission and our values.






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