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Junior Church and the Creche

We have a small, developing Junior Church which meets every Sunday during the 10.30am Eucharist for children aged 5 and above who are comfortable being left with appropriate adult helpers.  We offer a range of activities directly related to the liturgy and readings being used for that Sunday starting in the Lady Chapel after the Gospel procession has returned to the sanctuary.  Junior Church then re-joins the main service at the Peace so that our whole community is able to share in the Liturgy of the Sacrament together as, following appropriate preparation, we are happy to admit children to receive communion before Confirmation.

We also have a small creche in the Library at the back of the main Church, which is equipped with a range of soft toys and other appropriate materials for children of 4 years of age and below.  However, we ask that a parent remains with their child or children if it happens that our adult supervision is a bit limited, as can just occasionally be the case.

We follow all Diocesan Safeguarding practices, as the safety and security of our children and young people is of paramount importance.

Both our Junior Church and our creche are still very much "works in progress": why not come and help us build them up?

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