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PCC Outward Giving

St John’s Charities of the Month

In response to a request by the PCC, we have set up an on-going framework for the distribution of St John’s charitable giving, roughly 10% of the parish’s net income. We asked the congregation to nominate charities whose work supported the environment, refugees, the homeless and those in poverty as well as an inclusive society. We particularly wanted to help small charities and to ensure that the focus was mainly on global projects.

The Stained Glass Window by French artist Odilon Redon depicts a church window framing the landscape and sky outside. It seems there is nothing, not even glass, separating the window seen from the inside and the exterior landscape. Instead the fusion between the church structure and the world outside creates something unique: a work of art.

We offer this picture as a prayer for St John’s Charities of the Month. May our church and our world come together to create a thing of beauty.

St John’s Environment & Social Justice Committee April 2018.


St John’s Charities of the Month is currently suspended, however we are still supporting Christian Aid, USPG and ReIGNITE



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