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Covid-19 guidelines for the congregation


To help keep us all safe, please:


  • Sanitise your hands on arrival at St John’s


  • Consider wearing a mask: this keeps others safe, when worn properly  


  • Unless you are attending a service, sign in on arrival (this applies to staff, volunteers and other visitors).


  • Follow the direction signs and maintain social distancing.


  • Do not physically share the Peace (we suggest a bow or wave).


  • Queue for Communion is a single line, maintaining social distancing and sanitise your hands before receiving the bread.


  • Don’t enter the office without prior agreement – only staff and others approved by Giles should enter the office space.


  • Use the wipes provided to sanitise surfaces after using the toilet and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water.


  • Minimise the touching of surfaces.


  • Download the service sheet to your device before you come, or use 4G in church (our wifi can't cope with everyone using it at once!) 


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