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Black Lives Matter

St John's stands in solidarity with the fight against systemic racism.  

St John's is at the heart of the South Bank and serves the diverse communities who live in, work in, visit and pass through this busy part of London. We celebrate the contributions of so many who make Waterloo what it is today - especially black and minority ethnic people, LGBTI+ people and disabled people; in the face of social injustice and deep need, St John's responds with action. With our ongoing plans to renovate the church, Reignite 2021, we hope to provide even more accessible and sustainable space allowing thousands more people to find the support and inspiration they need.

Our Bridge to Employment courses have already changed the lives of many,  whatever their ethnicity, background, age or talent. Through education, training and mentoring, we hope to  create a richer, more diverse local workforce. By offering mental health counselling, therapy and referrals, we’ll help the most vulnerable in our community to thrive.


There is so much more to be done and we understand that we must do better, but St John's will continue to strive to do so and will always fight for social justice.  To find out more about St John's work click on the images below:



                                 Bridge at Waterloo                                                                                 Waterloo Festival


                            St John's Newsletter                                                                            Column Inches July 2020


               Sermon by Lisa Bewick June 2020 



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