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Weekly prayer rota for January and February 2021

We have a regular rota of prayer for the church, for the parish and for the congregation. We use this at Morning and Evening Prayer and invite you to use it too in your daily prayers. The rota for January and February 2021 is below. For any suggestions for additions or amendments, please contact Eileen Hamilton.
17th January
Ministry and Worship:
Archbishop Justin. Our Bishops Christopher and Richard and our Archdeacon Simon. Lambeth Palace. General Synod.
Our Clergy: Giles, Godfrey, Georgie, Paul, Lisa, Duncan.
Reader: Ester; SPA: Ida.
Church Staff: Elaine, Ben, Euchar, Michaiah, Jane
Face to Faith, Junior Church and our Lent and Advent and Study Groups.
Congregation: Rebecca Clark, Chris Clarke; Emily Clarke; Jason Clarkson; Elizabeth Clarson, David Clarson; Faye Clinch; Doreen Conteh; Yvonne Craig- Inskip, Richard Craig; Jonathon & Susie Copus; Catherine Dormor, Duncan Dormor; Declan Dunford Crozier; John Godpower Deeny.
24th January
Ministry and Worship
The congregation, choir, bellringers, altar servers, Okusinza congregation.
All who are following a Rule of Life.
The PCC and its committees: Enabling, Finance and Major Fundraising, Events and Hospitality, Column Inches, and Environment and Social Justice.
Garden & Maintenance Team: Viv; Joshua, Philippa, Belinda, David, Ken, Jonathan, Luis, Jenny and all volunteers. The Food Court, Traders and users.
Congregation: Gordon Dunbar; Christiana Elliott; Leigh Engeham; Kate Portal; Alan Fitzjohn; Victoria Goobi; Eileen Hamilton, Ken Hamilton; Andrew Humphreys; Oisin Hetherington; Rose Ikolodo; Anna Jefferson Smith; Nancy Jennings; Phoebe Grant, Charlie Newman; Sean Galpin.
31st January
Outward Facing Church Work:
The Bridge at Waterloo; its staff: Lorraine,  Ewa, Gordon, Daniel, Laura, Susan and its Board of Trustees, Chand, Joshua, Jane. Waterloo Well.
Southbank Sinfonia, Futures Theatre, Bankside Keys, Waterloo Food Bank, Penfriends, Cruse, and other users and hirers of St John’s and St Andrew’s.
Congregation: Elgiva Johnson; Edward, Sara & Michael Kavuma; Ester Kawoya; Kenneth Kawere; Alice Kawoya; Dennis Kazibwe; Sarah Kwagala; Stephen Lancashire: Godfrey & Rose Kaziro.
7th February
Outward Facing Church Work:
The Waterloo Festival Committee and its annual Festival.
USPG (United Society Partners in the Gospel); Southbank Churches; Christian Aid; Diocesan link with Zimbabwe; The Friends of Luweru. The Robes Project.
Congregation: Fred Lamptey; Hannah Levin, James, Jake, Freddie; Maria Lobo; Ulrike Lorch; Grace Love; Peter Lutta (& Bwangu, Byansi, Bogere); Winifred Macfoy;  Jane, Roger & Maelo Manning
14th February
Community Engagement:
Inclusive Church; Faith For The Climate; London Citizens; WeAreWaterloo; Waterloo Action Centre; Waterloo Community Development Group.  Bankside and Open Spaces Trust; South Bank and Waterloo Neighbourhood Forum; Local Police.
Congregation: Maureen Mills; Carole Milner; Terese Mcleman; Edna Morgan; Joyce & Michaiah, Helen & Daniel Mukiibi; James, Barbara & Namirembe Mulondo; Rodney Mutimba; Alice, Roy, Melba, Moses, Collette & Nubia Mwanje, Grace Love; Joshua Mock; Manon Mathis.
21st February
Community Engagement:
South Bank Employers Group. IBM, Shell, local traders, shops, London Eye and visitor attractions, restaurants, cafes, the Union Jack Club and other hotels.
The staff of Waterloo Station and Bus Garage; all commuters and travellers.
Congregation: Stella Nakitende; Hannah Nathan; Sheila Needham; Alex & Mabinty Ngegba (Matilda, Daniel); Nicole & Sally Nicholas (& Erin, Gabrielle); Mark Ormerod; Delroy Osbourne, Tatjana Pisarski (& Lola, Ella, Marley); Angelika & Wally Pisarski; Esmeralda Neto; Justina Thomas Oke; Sinead (Jenny) O’Neill 
28th February
Church work with students and young people.
Schools: Johanna Oasis; Oasis Academy; St Patrick’s Nursery; London Nautical School; English Language College; King’s College; Southwark College; Southbank University; Morley College; Schiller; LeSoCo.
Congregation:  Philippa Owen; Josephine, Isi & Bena Ozzy-Momodu ; Petra Parkova, Dominic Trott (& Lily); Rebecca Paul; Elizabeth Peasley; Anthony Pedro; Robert Richards; James Sandy; Elizabeth Sengaga; Anton Stevans 
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